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We Specialize in Brand Development, Content Strategy, Customer Engagement, Data Learning and Production Arts.


AutarkySite has been created with the entrepreneur in mind. We have formed partnerships with the leading platforms in eCommerce and website creation, inbound marketing, local listings and online brand management, intelligent spaces and guest wifi solutions, as well as; the most complete online video tool-set available in order to best serve our client's as they transition and advance their digital business assets, processes and performance. 


Eleven Management Inc. | AutarkySite are focused on establishing best practices workflows, resolving known pain points & preventing our clients' from experiencing them.

Our experiences in building dynamic brands, and serving small businesses in multi-channel and multi-platform challenges have helped to shape our solution sets. By resolving recurring multi-client pain-points, we are able to advantage these learning points to strategically align solutions with project requirements for optimal outcomes.


We subscribe to a "LEAN" process of:

* build  * measure  * learn

iterate to truly support and achieve clients' defined goals, and refine ever-improving outcomes. 

Jeffrey G. Tunches


Platforms | Solutions 


Jesse Simon

Dr Lindsey Ho

Casting | Production Arts | Influencer Marketing

Data Driven Decision Making | Statistical Analytics


Brand Strategy / Print, Digital, Social & Web / Platform Integrations / Project Management / Product Management / Art Direction / Casting Services / Influencer Marketing / Production Arts


- Websites

- Social

- eCommerce

- Email Marketing

- Ad Campaign Mgmt.

- Production Arts

- Casting Services

- Influencer Marketing

- Hyper-Local | SEO

- Intelligent Spaces

- Analytics & Reports

- Data Learning

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